Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're Not in DC Anymore, Toto

The Civic needs a new battery.

"Bek? Um. The battery died and I'm stuck at the intersection of Creighton and Walmart, " Jon said half an hour ago, "I don't know what to do. Come and you can steer while I push the car into a better spot." I hopped in the car and headed out to help my Hus-in-need.

On my way, he called again, "I got a push into the opposite parking lot. Meet me there."

When I arrived, a big red truck was attached to our little white '94 Civic with jump cables and Jon was talking to the truck's owner, who was giving battery advice.

Here's how I know we're in the south:

TWO (not one, but two) people ran over and helped Jon push the car into a parking lot from the intersection and a wholly separate stranger pulled up to give him a jump... all within 3 minutes. They were all friendly about it, too. Welcome to Pensacola. We may not have any jobs, but the people sure are nice.

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Heather Nicole said...

for real! I had the same (but opposite) observation while I was back in MD/DC area. People were running me down in the grocery store upset that I was in THEIR way and then wouldn't budge if I needed to get by. and I thought, "Hey guys! Let's be nice, this isn't a race!" but then I remembered: to them, it is.