Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Posts in One Day? Are You Trying to Make up for Something?

My thoughts on aimless wandering:
I am a planner at heart. I love lists and calendars and being packed a week in advance. When getting ready for an out of town wedding and another bridesmaid needs a q-tip or some cuticle scissors, I simply light up when I'm the only one who thought to bring some. That being said, spontaneity can be rewarding, as witnessed by the above picture of a ramshackle monastery found when off-highwaying on the way to Seville.

When planning to not plan, be sure a GPS or good map and enough food for getting lost are involved. Otherwise, us planners may grow nervous for our well-being.

Don Juanito, oft-referenced and only now shown. He is the blue one that I am about to crush. He got very good gas mileage and had a cigarette lighter to charge the necessary-when-one-does-not-speak-Spanish-to-understand-roadsigns GPS. Therefore, we liked him.

I now plan to eat something. Dinner is asking for me.

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