Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don Juanito Takes us There

The Hus has found his second calling driving our little Don Juanito around Andalucia. He drives like a European and I have reminded him multiple times what a great wife I must be for not complaining or nagging during the hair-raising ride.

We have seen four more cities since my last post. Jerez de la Frontera, Seville, Zuheros and Granada. I have much to write on each, but will limit myself to short glimpses until our pictures can say more than my poor descriptions.

Seville´s grand cathedral reminded me how even man-made splendour can remind us how large and very great our God is. It´s high bell tower enabled us to look down on flying buttresses and pigeons, which was barely worth the 30 or so floors we climbed.

Zuheros was God-made splendour at it´s finest. Perched on an outcropping of rock in the Sierras, the remnants of it´s moorish castle jut proudly over the miles and miles of olive groves it looks down on. It´s white-walled city has steep ¨thank God Jon is driving¨ streets and at the top of the mountain (which my Europeanesque driver of a husband tore up the side of), it has caves with neolithic (3000 BC) drawings, which we did not get to see, since it is Sunday.

Granada we breezed through. Divine blessing got us a parking spot right next to the entrace to la Alhambra, we climbed, we saw, we left. There are no words to describe, so pictures shall suffice at a later time.

We are now in Nerja, the home of the ¨Balcon de Europa¨, which I am sure, more pictures will show to be beautiful.

Love to all!

PS... we drove through the Sierra Nevadas on our way here and they were quite awesome.

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marigirl said...

hey cool, the one with the bell that where Christopher Columbus is burried?? Good call on renting a car. Caves sound awesome!