Friday, November 20, 2009

Agents Butterlicious

The Aviator and I got a gun. We are working on our secret-agent-married-to-another-secret-agent status, so we've decided to get concealed carry licenses. We figure we can conceal it like this:

... or like this:

I think this would be most comfortable:
What do you think?

Henry can't be a secret agent until he's older. He has no place to conceal a weapon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I keep thinking, "Gosh. I need to update that blog. I haven't posted anything in ages." To which the other part of my brain (not angel/devil style, just guilt trip/procrastination style) says, "Why? Nothing new is going on with you that would make for an interesting blog post."

Without further narrating, you know which side I most listen to.

In the meantime, here is the routine in to which the Hus, Yellow and I have fallen:

1. Henry does not take up as much time now that he is potty trained and enjoys self-amusement with chewing on things he isn't allowed to chew on.
2. I get more done, but always feel as though I should be studying or cleaning or something
3. Jon is done with all his flights, but the Navy won't let him wing yet, because he didn't pass the height/weight part of the PRT, which seems like a silly reason to cancel one's winging a week before one's entire family is to fly in, causing them to lose money on tickets and plans (plans, not planes) to crash, mid-air and one Aviator and wife in particular to become depressed and wish they could just move from this place already.
4. But the Aviator persists and is significantly ready to rope and choke with great success.
5. The wife is working on attitude issues with the Navy. We are seeing progress.
6. Despite progress, the Navy has decided that there shall be no more wingings until almost Christmas, which means, perhaps, no Virginia Christmas.
7. HOWEVER, as attitude issues are under control, the wife and the Aviator are enjoying the time they can spend together and with small Yellow (who still steals shoes and socks to chew) and have taken up running together (collective gasp from those that know wife) and the Nazi... I mean the Aviator is whipping wife. Into shape.
8. To add to the character-building, Azaleas are blooming in this tropically-God-forsaken locale and no 50-degree weather is in sight. Christmas music is played loudly to make up for the above.
9. Wife seems to be improving on her test-taking abilities, which is a result of desperate prayer and which also makes up for the Azaleas.

We love you, friends. Fear not. Come December 4th (and the conclusion of classes), I will write more, because I will have done more than study and eat and take small Yellow out to pee.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cheer Up-date

Dad running Henry up and down the beach

We may not have had a winging this week, but we still got my dad to come down and play. Henry benefited from the visit almost as much as the Husband and I did. Plus, Dad gave Henry lots of compliments on his well-behavedness, which pleased us very much, since we like it when people say nice things about us. The brother also came out from his side of the Emerald Coast and played, too.

Life is good and never boring.