Thursday, February 26, 2009

True Story

Six years ago in an authentic Mexican restaurant in New Mexico there was a food fight. Many varieties of Mexican cuisine were tossed, batted and dropped while a nearby youth pastor pretended ignorance and hid at a separate booth. It was just then, tortillas mid-air, pastor hiding, that someone took it too far and threw... a sopapilla. Not everyone involved realized what had happened. Most were too involved in trying to sip from a straw and simultaneously squirt water at the person next to them, wholly unaware of the drama unfolding. One, however, was not oblivious. The ever-vigilant Food Preserver saw. And acted. With a "Save the Sopapillaaaaaaaas!!!" she lept into the air... and caught the light and fluffy dessert two-handed, saving the sopapilla and the day in one fell swoop.

Since this incident (which I witnessed first-hand) I, too have had a soft spot in my heart for sopapillas. Today I tried to make them. Today I failed miserably. The light, fluffy, slightly sweet sopapillas of New Mexico bore little resemblance to the doughy, crispy ones I came up with this morning.

I will try again. After reading Sopapilla FAQs online.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Pensacola Job"... An Oxymoron

Today was job fair day. Today, I drove down to the Pensacola Civic Center, parked in the overcrowded parking lot, stood in line for the better part of an hour staring at shiny beige hospital-lookalike tiles, got interviewed by Fox 10 News and got a name tag. All to walk into the "job fair" in a small room with around ten vendors. Half of which were staffing agencies. None of which were legitimate organizations hiring for legitimate jobs. Except the US Army.

Sorry, Army. 'Dependent' is as far as I go.

Today is now "Don't-think-about-it,-just-plan-for-my-upcoming-vacation Day". Today I will not fret over joblessness. I will eat comfort food.

P.S... I searched "job fair pensacola" to find an image for this post and of the three related searches, two were of a casino and one was a janitor cartoon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Love My Family

One time, Matt and Ann, the brother and sister-in-law Butterfields, came to visit the Hus and I. We had a very refreshing weekend. It was absolutely wonderful.

We also took them to the beach.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This, Mom, 's for You

This is the new 'do. Not much different from the old 'do, but with a slight angle, so I fit in with cool people. Notice the auburn highlights and the nose. They're both from my mom.

Also notice the look of concentration. The first three self-pictures didn't turn out as well and I was trying really hard.

These are the new roman shades. They go up and down, but I only have time to show everyone the up picture. Also, notice the lack of log-built buffalo head. I traded it for a copy of one of my favorite paintings (Picasso, the Lovers). The Hus was sad, so we compromised. It will hang elsewhere in the homestead. We're getting the hang of this compromise thing.

If I didn't know he read the blog, I would perhaps say that the buffalo may get lost in the next move. However, I do know he reads the blog, so I shall not say that.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, But That Never Happens In Pensacola

Today something happened that has never happened to me in Pensacola. In fact, I had mentally labeled it a Northern Virginia occurrence.

Today, I got glared at by a cop.

I was driving towards home, hum-de-ho, when I notice the white car in front of me slam on the brakes and a cop (motorcycle cop, OF course) walk into the road and wave them to the side. They made an incredulous, "Who, ME?" gesture and the cop nodded, waving them, again, to the side. I had been far enough behind the white car to have slowed down significantly and slide under the radar. The motorcycle cop, who seemed to know my type, glared as I passed him (I was driving quite slowly by now) as if to say, "I know your type. I wish I had you on radar speeding; I would like to give you a ticket. I am a big mean cop."

Lesson learned. Don't speed around THAT corner in Pensacola. I'm pretty sure motorcycle cop is waiting for me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hus and Me: the daily and not-so-daily things we do

Everyday things we do:

1. Play tennis. But not really PLAY tennis, because we're really bad (especially me). More like play "try to hit the ball back and forth as many times as possible without bouncing the ball into your eye" Which I did yesterday.

2. Listen to iTunes new releases. I don't have a choice in the matter, but I enjoy, regardless.

3. Check other people's blogs.

4. Eat.

5. Put off doing taxes. But wish we would stop putting it off because a refund won't be so bad before we go to Europe.

6. What? Europe?

Things we don't do every day But are going to do in March:

1. Brush up on my German for our trip to EUROPE!

We're going to fly into either Ramstein or Rota, Spain... any suggestions, oh seasoned Space A travelers? Or seasoned Southern Spain travelers?