Thursday, March 26, 2009

Space A to the Wrist of Spain

Rota isn't really the "armpit of Spain" many people told me it was. It's actually pretty nice, in a "less-interesting-than-the-rest-of-Spain" kind of way. It's more like the wrist of Spain. Pretty, but not particularly captivating as a body part in and of itself.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I insist on these Spain posts being as organized as possible, so first of all, for anyone traveling Space A, here are the things we were told and learned that will benefit you. For those of you who are not interested, please skip to the pictures.

1. Plan ahead. Know where you want to go and the best terminals to get there. Try Dirk Peppard's for information and sign up at each terminal at

2. Officially, you have to follow all FAA regulations (for instance: no liquids over 3 oz. in your carry-on), but we got away with bringing some.

3. If flying to Rota, before you go off base, make sure to get the leave papers stamped at the airport and the little stickers for your IDs at the gate security office. Also, before you leave town, make sure to get your passports stamped at the Rota Police Station, so that you can get a hotel room wherever else you go.

4. Ask me more if you want to go. This is boring.


Our first trip into Rota, off American property, into the real Spain... we pack up, make sure we have Euros, and set off. And step into a muddy swamp. The Wife of the two insisted on going back to change into our only other pair of shoes. The Hus of the the two was very glad for this later.

Not 24 hours, no, we are open 2,400 hours for your daily convenience.

Manchego Cheese. Yummm....

More cities and more pictures to follow

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