Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Betcha Wishya Didn't Ask

No, I haven't posted anything in two weeks. Because if I don't have anything worth saying, I won't say anything at all. Unless it's in conversation and I'm trying to avoid awkward silence. In that case, I blather on like an idiot.

I wouldn't be surprised if the readership on this little blog is solely comprised of Nathan's grandmothers now, but for those of you who aren't, you may regret your curiosity, because this is what has been going on in our lives:

1. I get nothing done. Not even cleaning. My house looks like a recreation of Jon's dorm room in college. Minus the rats. And also minus the lightbulb hanging on a wire from the bathroom ceiling. I never used the restroom at that house.

2. Yesterday, Jon was dancing with Nathan in the kitchen and observed that Nathan seemed to have spit up, as it was in the corners of his mouth. We looked down and realized it was also on Henry's head. That boy has good aim. Dear Nathan's Second Grade teacher, Beware the spitballs.
3. The uber-comforter mechanism these days is my exercise ball. Jon lays Nate across it and bounces him. While this makes me nervous and worried and fills me with angst, Nate loves it and immediately calms down and starts drooling.

4. I am still a size bigger in all clothing (t-shirts, jeans, etc) than I was before I got pregnant, and it isn't changing. I'm coming to terms, but still a bit grumpy about it all. I miss my Joes Jeans.

5. Jon and I already gave eachother our Christmas presents. Because we didn't want to take them to Virginia. But mostly because we have no patience. Also, I got Jon the wrong present and we had to return it. Which would make me a bad wife, but I'm not owning up to anything negative until I've had more sleep.

There you have it. The updated state of my hazy life. Things are on the up, though, as the man child has started sleeping through the night again and I might regain consciousness sometime in the future.

I desperately want a piece of chocolate cake.