Monday, March 23, 2009

It's About That Time, Mrs Butters

The Hus and I are home. We got in this morning at 6am, after driving all night. So our fridge was empty and I got some food to fill it.

I got corn dogs for the freezer. (So that it didn't get jealous of the fridge, of course)

I say that to say this: Soon I will post interesting things and pictures. But not yet, because I haven't uploaded any pictures, and what are interesting things without pictures?

In conclusion, here is a picture of the blender/food processor we purchased today. Our old one broke. And by old, I mean it was only a year and a half old and the plastic container cracked during the routine blending of a smoothie, which I think shows very poor craftsmanship. It is also why we did NOT buy an Oster this time around. We bought one that will also process basil and pine nuts etc into pesto. Yummm.

1 comment:

Heather Nicole said...

wow, your husband loves you Cuisinart worth. wow. that's like more than Kitchen Aid love, I think...
:) you lucky duck!