Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad Mood Bek

When in a bad mood, get on gmail and gchat your college friend. Then commiserate about things. After commiserating (and realizing that the word "commiserate" has only one 's'), bring up things that you are truly happy about.

If you do such a thing, you may come up with cheering answers such as these:

1. Fathers
2. Clean Houses
3. Chocolate Milk
4. Visiting Eachother
5. Good Wine
6. Island Music
7. Things from Trinidad
8. Fresh Flowers (see the ones on my table in the picture above)
9. White Christmas Lights


Megan said...

Who is this college friend you are gchatting with behind my back?

Are those potted sunflowers? How cheery! When can we come visit?

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with #3!!

Inside out said...

I love the picture with the foot on the car and the finger on the building ---- pretty juvenile, aren't I?