Friday, January 2, 2009

In the Kitchen With Recently Purchased-on-Clearance Crate & Barrell Casserole Dishes

What's better (and more grown-up) than homemade chicken pot pie? Homemade chicken pot pie in cute single-serving casserole dishes! When convincing the Hus to purchase these (granted, he brought them to ME, so it wasn't as though it was difficult) I promised to make homemade chicken pot pie in this perfectly-apportioned bakeware. I fulfilled said promise last night. I am very proud of myself. I even made my own crust. AND chopped the carrots (no frozen mixed vegetable here!).

Honestly. I'm so grown up now.


Megan said...

Those pot pies look too good! Well done Mrs. Butters, you are a homemaker. How much were they?Clearance sales are the best!

Anonymous said...

and pat wonders why i keep adding things to our registry.