Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Is that the one where the girl falls down the stairs?"

I never finished talking about Christmas. We took our family wine tasting. To Prince Michel Winery in Leon, Virginia, north of Charlottesville. Dad Butterfield was unable to make it (boo work!), but we got the remaining three parents and drove down scenic 29 to sniff, sip & swallow award-winning Virginia wines.On rare occasions we achieve *almost* cultured snapshots. The wine in the ear and my toothy grin keep us from achieving full maturity (we are talking wine, are we not?) in this picture.

Common Jon quote:

Me: blah blah blah Gone with the Wind blah blah blah
Jon: Is that the one where the girl falls down the stairs?

((Note: said quote also occurs upon mention of The Sound of Music. Totally different movies, except in the mind of the Hus))

Today's quote:

Jon: You've seen Black Hawk Down, right?
Me: The one with the artery? ((as I make a motion, reminisent of a medic holding onto an artery to keep a soldier from bleeding to death. It's the only thing I remember about the movie.))

Virginia is for Lovers.


Heather Nicole said...

both Sound of Music and Gone with the Wind do have very memorable staircases. 3 points to jon for attention to detail, however unimportant it may be.

also, I don't think pilot wives should be allowed to watch "black hawk down".

7 points to Bek for posting more often then me. good work.

Megan said...

hahaha! I can picture you gripping your non-existent bleeding artery and acting out the scene you were thinking of. So Bek.