Sunday, January 25, 2009

And I Thought, "I Like Their Name, Too"

My generous new sister-in-law, whom I love (but not for her generosity), gave me a book for Christmas entitled Entertaining Simple. It's lovely. And among the various resources in the back, I found Fishs Eddy. My new favorite entertaining decor website. Above is one of their many modern-chic designs for dinner ware. They also have a plethora, yes a plethora, of white ware, which is an obsession of mine now. It's a new obsession, though, so don't expect a plethora of it in my kitchen. Not yet. Only on the website.

But if I get my way, it will soon make its way into my kitchen. Especially the white napkin rings and the pitcher. They want to live with my white cream and sugar set. They want to bring the teapot along, too.

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Heather Nicole said...

whoa, I totally have the same obsession with the white wear, and yet am also too young an inexperienced to have much of it in my cupboards. however, I dream of one day having a massive hutch with glass doors to display all my pieces. it makes me happy to think about. tip: antique stores usually have bunches of white wear for super cheap--and it's usually tres beautiful.