Friday, March 5, 2010

We bought a lawn mower our neighbors won't hate us. Jon mowed the front lawn today.

Also, we're researching stroller and car seats and all kinds of fancy, expensive things. Naturally I want the most expensive ones. Naturally.
He looks like a platypus when he sleeps with his head in Jon's shoe.
I made French toast with asparagus and orange beurre blanc. It would have been delicious if I could ever get over the texture of french toast. Bread is not meant to be wet. But I liked everything around it and Jon enjoyed it, so it must be delicious if you don't mind soggy nasty bread. Ugh. It makes me think of the pieces of bread we would throw to the ducks at the river that would get all wet and sink... yuk.

I'm supposed to be cleaning the office right now. It's on my list for Thursday. But.. it's officially Friday, being 25 minutes past midnight, so I figure I can put it off some more. Clearly I'm beginning to get over being exhausted. Thank you, baby Butterbean.


Jennifer said...

...or you've moved into the insomnia stage, where you stay up late in the night and think of random things and post blog entries. ;0)

Yay carseats and strollers! I need to start looking into the next size up, now that Anna's one and over twenty pounds (she's been over twenty pounds since she was about eight months...), but we got the Graco seat that goes up to 32lb., so I'm happily not in a rush. Which is good, because this whole "one year old" thing doesn't need to hit me any more brutally by having to graduate to new a carseat. Next thing I know she'll be picking colleges. Augh.

Megan said...

Yay! I'm so happy you posted - can you relate? I've been wanting to read about your life. French toast and asparagus does not sound appetizing to me, but it looked so freakin' good. I think I need to visit you more often because I love looking at strollers and cribs and bedding and anything for baby. I have no reason too. But if you ever want to know what the most expensive stuff out there is, just ask me! I'm attracted to it all.

Heather Nicole said...

we bought a cheap car seat and stroller. love the car seats. buy the expensive stroller(BOB). really. it's worth more than you pay.