Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maybe I'm Shallow

...But it isn't bothering me. Jon and I just purchased a Bugaboo Frog Stroller on Craigslist for over 64% off the new price, and it has only been used a handful of times - it looks new, too. It came with all the accessories, including a bassinet attachment, rain cover, etc. I have to say, for having expensive taste, we do it well. I strolled it around the house to make sure it turns corners well... this thing could fit down a sale aisle in Ross and turn on a dime. I have a crush on it.

We also got a Britax Marathon carseat for a great deal as well. More expensive taste, cheaply fulfilled.

True, I'm only 13 weeks, but who doesn't like to plan ahead? And who wouldn't relish the thought of a Bugaboo in the garage, waiting for the arrival of their little bundle of joy? Nobody. Especially not me. I am happily and cheaply shallow when it comes to baby gear.



Megan said...

Wow girlfriend. Way to go. That is so similar to the awesome Quinny strollers.

The Terrys said...

those strollers are the absolute best! you will totally love it! i love how the front and back can be switched to match the terrain. i strolled one of these things all over carter's mtn. and it did great! congrats, btw :)

Lisa said...

Oh my Beck, you are putting me to shame. So far we have a 2 onesie's, a blanket, 1 pair of shoes, 1 pack of diapers and lots of stuffed animals. I need to learn from your wisdom!

Fred & Janet said...

Be at peace: No stroller and car seat are too extravagant for our grandchild ... (just think of it as your own personal "stimulus package"!)