Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hold Me Accountable

...unless of course I don't do what I intend on doing, in which case I hate being called out. Only hold me accountable for the stuff I successfully complete, please.

On the "stuff I intend to complete today" list:

1) Listen to, take notes for and remember (hah!) two lectures
2) Begin and compile either a lot of notes or write a couple pages for term paper number 1. I don't do outlines.
3) Go to Bible Study
4) Don't think about term papers number 2 and 3, since they are longer and MUCH more boring than term paper number one. They are also due before number one.
5) Shower. That should have been higher on the list and preferably before Bible study attendance.
6) Make two French Chocolate Silk Pies for Saturday and don't eat either one until Saturday. Unless someone cancels, and then excuse the excess to pregnancy and pig out. "The Baby wanted pie..."
7) Stop by CVS and the grocery store and get ingredients for Saturday's Belated St. Patrick's Day Invite the world dinner. Wanna come? (If you want to come, but don't want pie, let me know, so that I can maybe have a slice before Saturday)

The Husband won't be home until late, so I intend on getting all of the above done and not falling asleep on the couch with Henry, who is always suggesting family nap time. What a lazy dog.


Sarah said...

Dog cuddles are the best!!!

Lisa said...

It's really true that you get more energy in the 2nd trimester. I'm little miss busy body right now. So ENJOY THOSE NAPS and don't feel guilty about them ever!!! I didn't :)