Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is How I Feel About... This Christmas

This will be the first of many officially titled "This is How I Feel About" posts. Not because you care, but because I do.

So this is how I feel about this upcoming Christmas (in fifteen (WHAT?) days).

The first thing I feel is annoyed. Who spends three Christmases in Pensacola? Three. Oh how I swore that I would not spend more than two. Oh how the Husband Aviator and I laughed at the ridiculous possibility of it all in our youth and naivety. Oh how the Navy will work so very hard to thwart your hopes and expectations. Oh. Ho. Ho.

The second thing I feel is a bit unmotivated, after this Fall. Let's review, shall we? New puppy who was not so good at the housebreaking, starting grad school full time, working part time, leading a study, having a Husband Aviator finishing advanced and not being able to get pregnant for the stinkin' life of me... and then finals. I passed the housebreaking the dog final, passed the part time work final, passed the study-leading final, passed three grad school finals so far and failed the baby-making final (again) with only an Epidemiology final to go till I collapse and say, "Please someone decorate my house for Christmas and bring me some damn eggnog."

Finally, I feel very grateful. For the following reasons: 1) I love Christmas and it got cold in Pensacola, so it really feels like late Fall (it never feels like winter in Pensacola, but I'll take what I can get). (2) Barnes and Nobles time with the Husband Aviator because I'm *almost* done with finals and he won't be busy for long because... (3) He is getting his wings next week! The Navy is done torturing him with pushed back wingings and the Hus is going to be all grown up next week. For which I am so proud and so grateful. Joy to the World, Let Jon receive his wings.

And also Joy to the World because the Lord is come, which is, admittedly more important, but I'm not one to pass up a pun if it has the potential to make me look clever.

Now I am going to go study diarrheal disease (I couldn't wait to tell you all that!) so that I can pass my final and refill the home with carbohydrates and mistletoe.

Merry Christmas.


Heather Nicole said...

Congratulations on the winging! how exciting! and also for finishing another semester, and house breaking a dog--wowser-dowser-dooser!

love you, and still secretly selfishly hoping you'll get mayport, even though you'd probably have more fun in Japan or Hawaii. well, I guess not secretly anymore. but still, I love you.

Megan said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love you and your brain!

Screw Japan. And probably screw California. What's left? Va? GREAT!

I'm calling you.

Jennifer said...


I miss you and your funny antics. I hope you guys have another wonderful Christmas, although I know it won't be everything you were hoping and expecting... (Christmas in Virginia is so much better). Good luck with the pooch. And, am I so out of the loop that I didn't know you'd gone back to school?! What for?!

Kathryn said...

Bek- wish you were here having a cup of tea with me and watching the snow pile up on my deck. Hang it there- this too shall pass. All of it!

I remember Bill almost FAILING flight school, a dog that pooped in our apartment, Christmas in places I didn't want to be, trying to get pregnant ( I gain at least ten pounds eating for two.... way before I ever got pregnant) AND... my only job while Bill was in flight school was the Milton, Florida door to door Welcome Wagon Lady- which is not nearly as glamorous or fulfilling as you might assume.

Find or create joy in each day, moment by moment. Love, love your create joy for the rest of us.

AND- Congrats to Jon, official flyboy! There's nothing like a man in a flight suit...

Are you coming home for any of the holidays? IF we can clear the driveway, we should be having a houseful for New Year's eve- LOVE to have you!

Love you....