Monday, December 21, 2009

Birds Have Them...

...And so do Naval Aviators! Jon got his wings on Friday and we couldn't be happier. Oh the joy of anticipation satisfied!
I put the wings on crooked the first time, so we had to do a second official picture.

I punched them in, like a good military wife should.
I love this. Everyone looking straight ahead, except Jon, looking at me.

Soft Patch Ceremony
Adam & Anne came to the winging to cheer for the newly winged Aviator.


Heather Nicole said...

congratulations! you all look great :)

marigirl said...

YAY!!!! Congrats!! where are you headed? And where did you get that adorable dress you're in at the winging??

Megan said...

Gorgeous dress. Beautiful gold shoes. Jon must really love you. You look 24 years old in those pictures. Those are pictures that your children will look upon and say "Wow Dad, you're so cool."

Daniel and Sarah said...

So excited for you two...makes me teary eyed. I am such a weenie. Good luck on the move. We miss you!