Friday, April 24, 2009

Foraging (or thanks for the tip, Mari!)

Near the railroad tracks that run along the bay, wild blackberry bushes cover the ground. When Abby and Kathy were in town, we went down to check if they were producing fruit, found they were and picked some. A couple days ago, Jon and I went back to get more, since we had used up all the others in a smoothie (let me tell you, folks. Smoothies use up a lot of blackberries.)

As attractive as this picture is not, it is pretty funny. Note the rainboots to protect the feet from fire ants (right, Abs?) and brambles. Note the t-shirt, draped superhero cape-ish across my shoulders to protect them from getting burned (they had gotten a little pink when we played tennis earlier that day). Also, notice that, in order to find the blackberries, one must stare intently at the ground, looking for juicy shiny berries. Otherwise one will step on them. One wouldn't want to eat stepped-on berries.
I'm afraid this is what our children will look like when they dress themselves.


Heather Nicole said...

let's hope so :)
that's when this blog will really take off, haha ;)

Megan said...

Yeah right. You planned that outfit out and thought it was hot!

marigirl said...

you're welcome for the tip! coincidentally, last time I went picking berries I wore a similar outfit with tan cowboy or workboots. hot! ;)

I found that near Karen's street by the bay is where the best spot is and you don't even have to worry about stepping on them because the berry vines grow out of the brambles and lay on the train tracks. easy!!

Abby said...

the boots are a must! those darn little ants are crazy but worth the yummy blackberries :)