Monday, April 20, 2009


"Art in Bloom" was going on downtown in Pensacola this weekend. The flower market had most blooms for less than a dollar a stem, so we (myself and the visiting friend and the friend's mom) wandered for a long time. I, being obsessed with fresh flowers lately, bought a bunch for 8 dollars or so on the condition that I would be able to take one of the nearby buckets to put water in to keep them fresh, since we weren't going straight home. As I attempted to walk out with my prize, I was stopped and told I couldn't take the bucket. Discussion ensued. I pressed my point. I had, I explained, been told I could take it. My flowers needed the water. I had already purchased them. Exploration ensued for another, less prized bucket. Nothing. I stood patiently. Finally, giving in ensued and we left victoriously.
The blooms sat in the front of an art gallery, then a wine shop while we admired and tasted, respectively. They now live on my table.

THIS is the hibiscus the Hus bought for me. It's tree-ish.

In romance news, the Hus and I have finally consolidated our music library. This has been a long-awaited event and is very symbolic of marriage, because, when we realized that together we had over 6000 songs in iTunes, a pruning process was deemed necessary. Marriage, like consolidation of two music libraries, takes sacrifice. We have been deleting songs, so that our collection can fit onto our iPods. We are down to 5,581 songs. We are still getting along just fine.


Heather Nicole said...

I remember when sam and I consolidated music and movies... so great. I love that everything is 'ours'.

Megan said...

The hibiscus is beautiful! I'm glad you got your bucket. Will you save it for the next time you purchase florals or does the prized trophy now get trashed?