Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cardinals are Vain, Woodpeckers are Jerks and Wrens went to UVA

During these mild spring days we've been having, the Hus and I like to sit outside and read on our little patio. Three times now I have noticed a male cardinal (whom the Hus has named Ned) engage in a little vanity show. He hops up onto the car window, checks himself out, flutters a little, fluffing his feathers, and hops down to the cement. Then he performs the whole routine again for himself.

Today we watched Ned's display for the third time and also noticed a gorgeous woodpecker bob his way up the tree and begin systematically destroying another bird's nest. He didn't even keep the building materials for his own use. He just ripped leaves and pine needles out and dropped them, fluttering, onto the ground.

The wrens are my favorite. They're not as showy or bright, but they're the practical, unassuming ones, who go about their business and occasionally stop to stare at me before rushing away, as if to say, "At least when I graduate I'll get a job."


Heather Nicole said...

i. love. birds.

I always have, and I don't know why.

my mother has the best way to feed them, where you can see the true colors of the birds--just as you have done.

blue jays, by far, are the meanest vainest bird on the block. combine the cardinal and woodpecker and BAM, there's your blue jay.

the blue bird, however, is an enigma.

my favorite is the mourning dove. they are large and slow. they take their time eating. they eat lots. they never ever bother anyone else(they almost don't realize there even IS anyone else). they are always with their mate. and when they're not, they sing sorta sad simple songs to get them back again. what's more: they mate for life. does it get any better than that?

I submit that it does not.


Patricia said...

There is a daddy cardinal hopping around the back yard in the newly mowed grass. He's beautiful and not a bit vain! Love, Mom