Thursday, February 26, 2009

True Story

Six years ago in an authentic Mexican restaurant in New Mexico there was a food fight. Many varieties of Mexican cuisine were tossed, batted and dropped while a nearby youth pastor pretended ignorance and hid at a separate booth. It was just then, tortillas mid-air, pastor hiding, that someone took it too far and threw... a sopapilla. Not everyone involved realized what had happened. Most were too involved in trying to sip from a straw and simultaneously squirt water at the person next to them, wholly unaware of the drama unfolding. One, however, was not oblivious. The ever-vigilant Food Preserver saw. And acted. With a "Save the Sopapillaaaaaaaas!!!" she lept into the air... and caught the light and fluffy dessert two-handed, saving the sopapilla and the day in one fell swoop.

Since this incident (which I witnessed first-hand) I, too have had a soft spot in my heart for sopapillas. Today I tried to make them. Today I failed miserably. The light, fluffy, slightly sweet sopapillas of New Mexico bore little resemblance to the doughy, crispy ones I came up with this morning.

I will try again. After reading Sopapilla FAQs online.


Megan said...

Hahaha! Oh I needed a good laugh. I can always count on you! Save the sopas should be documented.

I'm impressed that you attempted to make some. I'll be honest, I thought the picture was of chicken breasts.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was chicken too!!!!

bek, are you sure you made sopapillas?!