Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, But That Never Happens In Pensacola

Today something happened that has never happened to me in Pensacola. In fact, I had mentally labeled it a Northern Virginia occurrence.

Today, I got glared at by a cop.

I was driving towards home, hum-de-ho, when I notice the white car in front of me slam on the brakes and a cop (motorcycle cop, OF course) walk into the road and wave them to the side. They made an incredulous, "Who, ME?" gesture and the cop nodded, waving them, again, to the side. I had been far enough behind the white car to have slowed down significantly and slide under the radar. The motorcycle cop, who seemed to know my type, glared as I passed him (I was driving quite slowly by now) as if to say, "I know your type. I wish I had you on radar speeding; I would like to give you a ticket. I am a big mean cop."

Lesson learned. Don't speed around THAT corner in Pensacola. I'm pretty sure motorcycle cop is waiting for me.

1 comment:

marigirl said...

whoa, that's nuts!! the whole 18 months we were in pensacola i never got pulled over once.

ha ha, this word verification should be one of your crazy titles: egoared!