Friday, February 6, 2009

Hus and Me: the daily and not-so-daily things we do

Everyday things we do:

1. Play tennis. But not really PLAY tennis, because we're really bad (especially me). More like play "try to hit the ball back and forth as many times as possible without bouncing the ball into your eye" Which I did yesterday.

2. Listen to iTunes new releases. I don't have a choice in the matter, but I enjoy, regardless.

3. Check other people's blogs.

4. Eat.

5. Put off doing taxes. But wish we would stop putting it off because a refund won't be so bad before we go to Europe.

6. What? Europe?

Things we don't do every day But are going to do in March:

1. Brush up on my German for our trip to EUROPE!

We're going to fly into either Ramstein or Rota, Spain... any suggestions, oh seasoned Space A travelers? Or seasoned Southern Spain travelers?


Heather Nicole said...

good for you guys! that is awesome.

do you know which parts of March you will be gone? I will be gone thru the 17th ... so I believe you should also take your leave at the beginning of the month so you can come to Liam's birthday cookout when we get back :) not that I expect you to make decision around our schedule... but, ya know, just thought you'd like to have all the info :) I so excited for you! Yay!

marigirl said...

ooo! so fun!! either would be great. :) it's an easy busride to tarifa from rota and that was the cheapest, most beautiful place my sister and I went to. From there it's like a 5 hour busride to Granada or a two-hour ferry to morocco. BUT nothing compares with Germany!! it's super easy to rent a car there and drive around---they'll pick you up at the space A terminal.