Monday, February 23, 2009

"Pensacola Job"... An Oxymoron

Today was job fair day. Today, I drove down to the Pensacola Civic Center, parked in the overcrowded parking lot, stood in line for the better part of an hour staring at shiny beige hospital-lookalike tiles, got interviewed by Fox 10 News and got a name tag. All to walk into the "job fair" in a small room with around ten vendors. Half of which were staffing agencies. None of which were legitimate organizations hiring for legitimate jobs. Except the US Army.

Sorry, Army. 'Dependent' is as far as I go.

Today is now "Don't-think-about-it,-just-plan-for-my-upcoming-vacation Day". Today I will not fret over joblessness. I will eat comfort food.

P.S... I searched "job fair pensacola" to find an image for this post and of the three related searches, two were of a casino and one was a janitor cartoon.

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marigirl said...

that's hilarious. I went to one of those too and tried to apply at Cocacola to be on their marketing staff or something and they looked at me and said, "uh, we're only hiring for the night loading shift" and I said, "seeya" Why are you suddenly jobless?? How much longer do y'all have there anyway? There's always that convenience store next to Woodcliff where someone got robbed at gunpoint!