Thursday, February 12, 2009

This, Mom, 's for You

This is the new 'do. Not much different from the old 'do, but with a slight angle, so I fit in with cool people. Notice the auburn highlights and the nose. They're both from my mom.

Also notice the look of concentration. The first three self-pictures didn't turn out as well and I was trying really hard.

These are the new roman shades. They go up and down, but I only have time to show everyone the up picture. Also, notice the lack of log-built buffalo head. I traded it for a copy of one of my favorite paintings (Picasso, the Lovers). The Hus was sad, so we compromised. It will hang elsewhere in the homestead. We're getting the hang of this compromise thing.

If I didn't know he read the blog, I would perhaps say that the buffalo may get lost in the next move. However, I do know he reads the blog, so I shall not say that.


Heather Nicole said...

cute hair. the angle totally rocks. as does your nose and highlights.

nice blinds. and painting. I love new home furnishings.

I'm sorry about the moose head. we all bring some baggage into the marriage. I guess some of us bring moose heads too. good luck on that one.

kaely said...

you're going to europe??? wait, do tell the details!!! i admire your adventurous spirit. if only douglas and i could find a way to tag along...

Anonymous said...

your hair is freakin' sexy.