Friday, August 14, 2009

The Beach and Bordeaux and Sometimes a Navel Orange

My wonderful parents, along with Dinah (left) and Nellie (right) came to visit us last week. I adore my family and it was delightful to have my parents all to myself. We went to the beach (with the dogs... which is why they're passed out), helped the broseph move in to his apartment and helped him buy a new washer and dryer and table & chairs.

Now. I have a washer and dryer which are quite sufficient, so let it be known that I am content. Bearing that in mind, I have developed a large crush on my brother's new washer. It's beautiful. It's energy efficient. It's a front loader. IT'S A FRONT LOADER. Which means this: I can sit and watch my clothes get clean.

Question: What is better than cleaning?
Answer: Watching a machine clean FOR you.
This picture is the father, the broseph and myself, drinking bordeaux and watching the sudsy clothes in the washer go 'round and 'round. It's better than cable.
That was last week. This is this morning:

I live in Florida, but the oranges in the produce aisle are from South Africa. What?
But the nice things that come with that are bragging rights. "No," I may reply to a question, "I have not been to Africa. But I have eaten African Navel Oranges."

Take that.


Jennifer said...

I HAVE been to Africa - and I have eaten South African oranges (and many other fruits) IN Africa... and let me tell you... they are amazing. If you can find S.African Pink Ladies you are in luck!

marigirl said...

I was in Singapore two (?) weeks ago or something and got in at like 2am and was thirsty as heck and tried to find some native, non-caffinated beverage.....all I could find was FLORIDA orange juice. In Singapore. What!? Well at least we figured out where all YOUR oranges are going. To me!