Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clearly I'm Quite Busy

I was trying to slow down a fly today to catch him and release him outside (because I'm all caring about nature and stuff), but when I sprayed him with Lysol, not only did I disinfect him, but I made him shrivel and die, as well.

Oh well. One does try.


Megan said...

Girl spray that fly. A can of RAID works well too.

Heather Nicole said...

why? are flies good for the environment?

the only reason I can think of to have flies is spider food. and the only reason I can think of to have spiders is to kill flies.

let butterflies do the pollinating.

Abby said...

this made me laugh :) I love you bek

Sarah said...

oh, girl. I've been killing bugs with household cleaners for years. gives a new meaning to "put a little windex on it," doesn't it? : )