Monday, August 17, 2009

I Refrain From Comment

I just want to know what everyone thinks of this. I mean, really. I want to know. Comment, please and tell me how this is okay.

It would seem that the government has since amended this "error" after a stream of unhappy calls, etc. There may be a lot of stupid people out there, but at least we're not THAT stupid.

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Hadassah said...

Have I ever admitted to my sad addiction to Glenn Beck. He is the only man my husband is jealous of. I would like to note that according to this video, Glenn (or most likely a member of his staff) finally got rid of his famous purplish-blue glasses and replaced them with more professional looking brown ones. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I feel like he's sold a part of himself. Anyway, in more useful information... In my understanding, the government did recently change the verbage on this webpage after many calls and letters bombarded politicians across the nation. I haven't researched it but it was Glenn Beck who was checking on his radio show after his staff had called the white house about it. That was the latest update I heard. Still scary that they tried it and succeeded for so long.