Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Not the Eighties Anymore, Cashierwoman. Get a New Haircut.

It has not been a good day so far. Firstly it is raining. Secondly, I had to go out IN the rain.

The only reason I was going out (to base) was to pick up a prescription and get some good deals on that Naked juice coupon I mentioned a while back. The line at the pharmacy had almost an hour wait, so I skipped it. I did, however, go to the commissary and purchase 21 Naked fruit juices. I had 21 coupons for a dollar off. I should have saved 21 dollars at the checkout. DID I? NO. WHY? Because Blue Eyeliner Hair Puff Woman wouldn't take them. Said they were fraudulent. Which, by the way, is NOT true. So an entire 2 hour trip wasted.

Also I had eaten nothing all morning and so I was very very angry. Then I saw a cop put on his lights on the way home and thought he was after me. He wasn't, but it was still an obnoxious rush of adrenaline.

So to make myself feel better, I drank the first of the TWENTY ONE Naked juices I paid for and made a turkey pot pie. For breakfast.

I also found a spider in the sink, which I promptly washed down. I turned on the disposal for good measure. It was therapeutic.


Megan said...

Don't be fooled by women who think they know it all. They don't.

T-minus 8 days till we meet again!!!

Sarah said...

Wow! That woman is crazy! That is really frustrating! Hopefully next time they'll let you use them!