Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hus: People shouldn't drive while listening to headphones. Last time I checked that was illegal.

Me: You haven't ever checked.

Hus: Respect me!

... and being the subservient wife that I am, I laughed.


Heather Nicole said...

last time I checked you still make me laugh.

Sarah said...

y'all are hilarious. love it.

marigirl said...

Last week I rode my scooter with headphones tucked under my helmet. My mom told me it was illegal too, but what do you people know?!? I'm in Japan! Check THAT! :) my defense I'm working on my mandatory base-only 250 kilometers, so I was doing laps around the flightline again...and again...and again....and I would NOT wear them driving in actual Japan. I want to live!