Friday, June 5, 2009

Practical Creativity

Every so often I post about things I've made. Let it just be known that I do not always come up with cool stuff. I just don't post about the duds. Like the dress I tried to make a couple weeks ago whose zipper I severely maimed and then broke. As if I hadn't done enough damage to the poor piece, I went on to try to fix it. More maiming. I bought it a new zipper peace offering, but haven't gotten up the courage to make amends.

This, however is my therapy from that dress. It doesn't matter so much if stitches aren't straight on a quilt, because quilts are like sweat pants. All that is required of them is comfort and extra room to cuddle up in. And, in this case, bright colors that remind me of Megan every time I sit down to work on it. I named it "Strawberry Shortcake Picnic Whipped Cream Therapy Quilt". Take that, the Amish!

About the title, because I usually don't address my titles in the post. Impractical creativity abounds. I love pretty stationery and painting and things, but when a painting doesn't turn out, it's not as though I can just hang it up. I don't like it enough. Throwing it out is never an option - who can throw out 6 hours of work that, when you look at it, has a couple good elements.... and some nice colors... but mostly 6 hours of work. But a quilt... aha! (Aha, I say!) It doesn't have to be pretty. Just big and comfy and homemade. If it looks nice, so much the better.

If it doesn't look nice, then I can always gift it to my single brother. Unless it's pink like Strawberry Shortcake Picnic Whipped Cream Therapy Quilt. But that wouldn't happen, because pink and green never look bad in a therapy quilt.


Heather Nicole said...

um, cute new blog template. now your blog looks like a magical forest therapy blog. nice.

I hope your dress is redeemed. I believe zippers are from the Dark side. they only really work on flight suits anyway. anyway, I hope the dress is redeemed--even if it is redeemed as a skirt or scarf or napkins, I know they will be real pretty, and a good conversation piece :)

Megan said...

So before I started reading this post, I was struck by the quilt and studied it and loved it!!! I thought ooo, I want one if I ever get to have a baby girl! You are so talented. And then I went on to read and found that you thought of me! :) I am so proud to be your friend. I can't wait to see all of your crafty work!

kaely said...

umm, when are you moving to san diego??? i mean, it's getting lonely out here!