Friday, June 19, 2009

If I Had a Lot of Money and Had Already Funded an Orphanage or Hospital Wing...

... then I would buy all my clothes at Anthropologie. I would. Because Look:
If this shirt isn't classy tropical perfection, I don't know what is.

It's been over a hundred degrees in this region of the country for the last 5 days or so and I think I need this yellow number to cool me down.

This is called Parfait Perfection. If one of you said to me, "Hey, Friend, why don't you go put something on that looks like raspberry sherbet?", then this is what I would put on. That is, I would if I owned it.

((HA! I just killed the darn gnat that has been flying around my head for 20 minutes!!!))

Who wouldn't want to wear a sunny yellow bathing suit this summer or put up adorable alphabet lettering in their child's nursery?

Also, if you are wondering, as I am sure you are, why these pictures look so very graphic and perhaps like they were cut right off of the website, it's because I found a new, exciting thing! Problem: Anthropologie doesn't let me right click* on an image to save it to post on my very nice blog, so I use my Snipping Tool (if you have Vista, just search "snipping tool" in the search thing and you'll find it) to make a little box around the part of the page I want, then it snips and lets me save it to the computer. Yes, it's true! Isn't that thrilling?

Now I have to go wash gnat off my hand. Ew.

*right click: the reason I remain skeptical of Macs. And don't tell me that Macs have right click. It's not the same.


Heather Nicole said...

girl, trust me. you won't even miss it.

right clicking, that is.

mac's have your same "snipping" capability, just in case you were thinking of switching :)

marigirl said...

macs are EVIL. never trust a machine that can't right click! ...ok nevermind on that, but still. I love Anthropologie too. I went while I was in TX for Han's wedding and there was The Ideal Bag that matched my luggage (sort-of) and was an aqua and turquoise sort of morroccan pattern with leather piping and handles! ...but it was like $50 marked down from $100, and last I checked $50 for yet another bag isn't really in the budget. :( But in general just knowing anthropologie exists makes my life better I think. you?