Monday, October 25, 2010

This is my problem. And it is so typical.

I sit down to the computer, while munching potato chips and Killah' Clam Dip (if you want the recipe, I will post it - it's very delicious and one of the few foods I've made since the Chunk took up residence in our house)... so I am sitting at the computer to look up spanish rice recipes (yum) and in my search, somehow, I happen upon a white chocolate pumpkin truffle pie recipe and a recipe for peaches baked with pecans and almond paste and brown sugar and stuff. So now I don't want to make Spanish Rice and Jalapeno sausage for dinner. I want to make pumpkin doughnuts or chocolate spice cake or at least milkshakes.

Milk has calcium.

Meg- just between the two of us, I bought all the ingredients for pumpkin doughnut holes and also you're coming here on Thursday, so I thought... maybe we should utilize that recipe.

Anywho - for the rest of you, who aren't coming to San Diddly Ego on Thursday for Meg and Bek's World Famous Pumpkin Doughnut Holes, I found this in my distracted internetting. You can buy me this for Christmas, just check to make sure you all coordinate and I don't get too many copies:

I want to make everything in these cookbooks. Especially the New York Style Crumb Cake (Hallelujah!).

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Megan said...

You had me at doughnut. Cannot wait!