Friday, October 15, 2010

The One Where She Says 'Breastfeeding'

How do you type while holding a baby? With one hand. This might be the longest time I've ever spent on a post.

Why not put the baby down?


Peace. I do it all for peace and a sleepy baby.

Gone are my idealistic notions of motherhood being friends... even aquaintances ... with productivity. It is noon thirty and all I've done today (other than nurture one very small human male) is eat two poptarts. I toasted them first, though... while holding a baby.

Here is the picture of this morning's six-thirty a.m.:

I am trying to breastfeed a boy child who should have gotten the hang of it a week ago... and since he hasn't, I have milk soaking my shirt and his clothes (he squirms a lot). Within minutes I have spit up drooling down my back. Soon after, he has managed (despite my best efforts) to dip, not one, but both heels into his poopy diaper in his angry flailing whilst I try to change him.

Good morning, sunrise. We have become friends over the past three and a half weeks. I'd only met you a time or two before this and I honestly would rather get back to that trend.

I must say, though, as I look down into this face:
(and that is exactly what I see right now... I took a picture with my phone and emailed it to myself and downloaded it to my computer and uploaded it onto this post... all with one hand) I look at him, I kind of don't mind so much.

You'd be willing to type with one hand, too.


Jessica said...

He's a beautiful little human :) And this post is beautiful, too. Congratulations, Butterfields!

Daniel and Sarah said...

I so remember typing with one hand! Soon I will be trying to type with one hand, baby, and Nolan using me as a jungle gym. I might just have to give up on ever using the computer again haha