Monday, November 8, 2010

Goal Oriented

Being goal oriented can be a bit stressful. I don't feel like a legitimate use of oxygen unless I've successfully accomplished something in the day. Which is good and bad. Ask Jon if you'd like to hear a first hand account of where that makes life a bit difficult (who, me?). On the good side, being goal oriented makes life more exciting. For instance:

As I watched my pregnant body stretch and widen and stretch some more, shrinking my wardrobe with every expanding inch, I promised myself that once that baby came out and once I shrunk back down to the size I was before (please laugh here), I would buy myself some new clothing. Specifically, skinny jeans. The goal-orientation eased the panic of knowing my sexy glory days were over and I was officially past the "Best I Ever Looked" part of my life.

So today, impatient and realizing that my hips were never -ever - going to be the same size, I purchased some practice skinny jeans (practice because they were only $20 and I really need to figure out what I want before I go spending real money on these things). I didn't take the tags off, but did put them on when I got home to make sure they'd stretch well before I committed to keeping them.

Then the baby peed on me. And on my jeans.

I will not be returning them.

This is the part of the commercial when the music goes from victory-inspirational to - WAH wah waaaah- reality.

The other problem with being goal- oriented is the anticlimax.

Thanks, little Buddy. Ruin my body and pee on my consolation.


The Terrys said...

just to encourage you (not that i have first-hand experience), of my five close friends that have had babies, they have all returned to their pre-pregnancy weight or even less! apparently, breastfeeding is the miracle weight-loss plan. but, that baby of yours is ridiculously cute, so it may be worth the extra weight to sit and just stare.

marigirl said...

if anyone wasn't 100% sure that baby is related to y'all, all they have to do is look at that picture. Resemblence, anyone??

Sarah Beth said...

hilarious. also, i bet the skinny jeans are cute. where'd you get them?!

Sarah said...

You poor soul. I just bit the bullet and jumped on the skinnie bandwagon as well...and Bek, you should know that skinny jeans were MADE for people like you...the long and lean. Trust me, you are still probably longer and leaner than I, despite birthing that adorable child. So don't fret. I bet you look fab!

kaely said...

i miss you! i want to hear how it's going before i enter this whole world of motherhood... i too have lofty ideas of looking amazing once the baby comes...i guess it's already too late to turn back now. let's talk soon!