Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Those Pretzel M&M's Really Aren't That Bad

The Man-Child's room is finally done (almost). We're going to repaint that side table if we have time before the Child is born.
This is his changing table, refinished and full of clothes and blankets and bibs and diapers.
This is the corner where the glider will go when it arrives.
I love the vintage pictures - Jon built the frames and cut the glass (we will never cut glass again, by the way. Don't really recommend it).
This is my favorite room of the house. It's not at all cutesy and it's all boy. Now all we need is a baby to put in it. Henry has already graced the carpet with dog hair, so we're ready.


Daniel and Sarah said...

It looks great!!

Megan said...

Beautiful Bek! I bet that has been so much fun. How many times a day do you walk in there?

Also, is that what those m&ms are!?! The office always has a bowl of m&ms sitting out and they look like the big peanut ones so I get excited and take a handful, then I get grossed out because they are weird inside. Like soggy, waffer peanuts. Pretzels huh?

A.C. said...

I love it! It really looks fantastic!

Fred & Janet said...

Do you hire out. It is beautiful.

Patricia said...

Honey, the room is beautiful! I can't wait to hold our little Nathan Petruchio Butterfield!

Patricia said...

Honey, the room is beautiful! I can't wait to hold little Nathan Petruchio Butterfield in my arms!
Love, Grammy

Megan said...

Petruchio! I knew it!

Ivey said...

The room looks great Rebekah! Ya'll did a fantastic job! I hope he comes soon! :)