Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Are Having a Man Child

Our Current Family... Jon, me and our first child (he's adopted).
Our second child (he's normal).


Sarah said...

Congrats you guys! Baby Boy Butterfield...its just too perfect!

Megan said...

"Are those his fingers???" He has Becky hands!!!! :)

Heather Nicole said...

congratulations again on the boy :) loved the video--what a great reaction! and, boy, is he EVER a BOY! (or as my husband said when he watched: that kid is hung like a horse!" hahaha) anyway, it was great to hear and see that whole moment, thanks for sharing. btw, that doc/tech was super sweet--I'm jealous in a big way! what a blessing. anyway, you take care of those boys--you are just the girl for the job, too :)