Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Supposed to Be Writing a Paper

But my paper is on boring things and it just occurred to be that the worst job in the world must be being a colorectal surgeon. You spend all day staring up butts, analyzing butts and writing up reports on...anuses. In addition to the gross factor (which otherwise could be rivaled by veterinarians), there is significant awkwardness that is attached to that activity. "Oh my, do you have a bad case of hemorrhoids, Mr Jones... could you just hold still a moment longer?"

I imagine that in med school, they have a lottery system and the smart kids get something like dermatology and as the list goes on and get less good, "pediatrics... gerontology... orthopedics..." nerves begin to cause sweating until finally, "And the last three, Bob, Joe and Jim get colorectal surgery." Cursing ensues.

I can just see it. That's why I didn't go to med school. I'm not smart enough for dermatology or brain surgery and I'd end up plugging my nose all day.

Back to my paper... for a degree I'll probably never use. But at least I didn't go to med school.

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Daniel and Sarah said...

I wish our blog was as good as yours! I am always jealous of all the fun and amusing things other people write...mine seems so boring!