Thursday, January 7, 2010

Currently Laying on an Air Mattress Doing Work and Feeling Disorganized

Our apartment looks like a cave with cardboard stalagmite boxes everywhere. I would upload a picture, but the uploader got packed. So did our toilet paper. They asked about everything else to make sure we didn't need it, but didn't bother to ask if we would need toilet paper. Clearly we don't look needy, because it's disappeared into one of the boxes marked, "bathroom".

Nevertheless I love change, so I am giddy. Take these boxes away! I can find toilet paper on the road... the road to the land of avocado trees in back yards!



marigirl said...

too bad you can't make guacamole scones.... yay!!! have fun moving! are you driving out or flying? :)

Sarah said...

That is ok...our movers (who were not supposed to pack any food due to things going into storage) packed some boxes of pasta noodles and potato chips. We broke into the box after the mover left because A) the pasta box contained 2 measley lasagna noodles and B) we were counting on eating those chips!

Daniel and Sarah said...

Nolan loves guacamole!! That means have to comevisit :)