Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Time in a Helicopter

The Hus relayed the following story to me the other day, and I am retelling it using words that I understand.

So the Hus and the Dan (the Hus' flight partner) were flying the other day. The instructor usually turns the communication frequency to a certain channel, which happens to be an AM radio channel, which is only important because it is possible to click over to listen to AM radio stations on the individual pilot's headset while flying. This particular time, it was tuned to an alternate frequency. The Hus and the Dan debated for a while whether to ask him about it or not (one doesn't like to correct one's instructor, you see) and so when the instructor got in the 'copter again, the Dan casually said, "Uh, Sir.... did you want me to switch the frequency to (random number)?"
Whereupon the instructor replied, "No... leave it... it's Rush Limbaugh."

I love the military.

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Megan said...

(sung to the tune of "where has my little dog gone") Where oh where has my little bek gone? Oh where oh where can she be? With her two long legs and her big wide butt, oh where oh where can she be?