Monday, July 6, 2009

Breathe a Sigh and Bathe in Oatmeal

Upon the return of my two-week trip, I have these words of wisdom:

1. When clearing out overgrowth with a machete (!) don't assume that just because you have never gotten poison ivy, you cannot get poison something else. A week later.

2. When driving south of Atlanta, don't assume that just because the speed of traffic is 20 over, your cowing to peer pressure will not get you singled out as the one the nice cop man decides to pull over.

3. When pulled over by the nice cop man who asks if you went to UVA, if your car is comfortable to drive in and chats with your sister's boyfriend about the Army, while standing in the rain, don't assume he will let you off with only a warning. But he might. And he did.

4. When let off with just a warning, count it as one of those "good and perfect gifts" that James talks about and let your husband drive the rest of the way home.


Heather Nicole said...

I'm glad you're back :) I've been thinking about you lately, and am very thankful for your visit. it's kept me sane over these last few weeks. well, almost sane.

Megan said...

Boooo liberals and all their blind followers.

Megan said...

But I love them through the eyes of the Lord and will pray for their clarity of mind!