Monday, July 27, 2009

Goggles Make the Beach More Fun

The Hus and I really are starting to take advantage of the beach lately. Yesterday we brought goggles, which the Hus utilized to catch these little critters. He handed me a couple shells first, which I tucked into my bathing suit top, so as not to lose them in the water. Once ashore, our hands full of hermit crabs, carefully held by the pointy end of their shells, we laid them out on the beach blanket. When I pulled the shells out of my bathing suit to examine them, I realized that they ALSO had hermit crabs in them. Which, thankfully, refrained from pinching me whilst I unknowingly held them hostage in my suit.

It is to be noted, as well, that I am becoming very brave in the Gulf ocean waters. The Hus bribed me (with BBQ ribs) to swim out to the second sand bar, which is beyond some very deep water (I mean... maybe 20 feet?). Deep water is where sharks live. And I had a bright orange tube, which I am sure attracts mean, hungry sharks. Needless to say, the food incentive was sufficient and I count myself quite brave now.

Afterwards, when once again in standing depth, I yelped when I saw a bunch of seaweed float by, but I don't think that has any negative effect on my bravery. It just happened to be all used up by then.Isn't their tininess so epic in the picture? It should be a movie poster. All photos are compliments of the Hus and his new camera. The top is our computer wallpaper... haha...

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Megan said...

Hahahaha! You make me laugh. :) BUT do NOT go swiming with sharks! Becky you will always be the thinnest one of us and if you only had one arm, there wouldn't be as much of you to love. Ok? Be careful. I'll make you BBQ Ribs if you don't swim out to the second sand bar.

Tell John, I like his camera and work.