Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marriage Advice in the Form of Towels

Several weeks ago, I wandered into Bed Bath & Beyond to ogle the expensive towels. As it so happened, they were on sale - 40% off. As it also so happened, I had millions of 20% off coupons which never expire sitting, waiting for such an occasion. I immediately acted.

"Honey?" I said, "I have very good news"

*As a side note to newly married women, it is wise to make potential expenditures sound like good news and also say "we" when you might really mean "I".

"You know how we have been wanting white towels? The better to clean them? ...Yes you do... Remember, we wanted them... Also, you know how our current towels are developing strings and not staying together nicely?...."

And with the generosity of an over-the-phone Hus, I got my expensive white towels, half off. I washed and folded them and they sat unused for weeks, while I enjoyed their fluffy clean shapes in my otherwise boring linen closet. Despite my doubts as to their absorbency (how practical can pure comfort be?), they wick like a dream and are even softer wrapped around me, now that I can bear to use them.

Some may think it silly to be so excited about towels, but my dear friends [read: women], aren't we supposed to find joy in the little things? What about you? What simple/luxurious things in your house do you love enough to write about?


Abby said...

i remember the purchase of those wonderful fluffy towels :) I will use your advice about expenditures in the near future when I have a hus!!

marigirl said...

my tea cups! tea time has become non-negotiable and makes chores and beaurocracy so much more bearable. I also joined the Tokyo Afternoon Tea Club, and I'm thinking about starting a local chapter. Want to join? Tea by proxy. :)