Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Megan is Faithfully Posting, So I am Encouraged to do the Same

"Hey!" shouted Jon, "I wrapped this present really good!" He was in the closet with gifts, paper, scissors and tape. Several minutes later, he threw out a lumpy package onto the bed, on which was the suitcase I was packing, "That one didn't turn out so good." He sounded disappointed. Luckily, the third present was a success, as he soon showed me. I was legitimately impressed.

This was Sunday night. I left Monday to drive (all by myself!) to Charleston, then Virginia (17 hours). As I drove, I listened to a mystery on tape, the sample XM comedy channel and my mother, who called often to make sure I was safe and warn me about inclement weather. I am now in Virginia, at my parent's. Despite some close calls (one isn't used to being cut off, when one has lived for so long in Pensacola...), I arrived safely.

I have no pictures as proof, so I leave this post pictureless. Sad.


Heather Nicole said...

girl! that is a LONG drive, especially by yourself! what are you doing out there alone?!

Megan said...

So close to me!!!!! I cannot wait to catch up for real, although splitting time between Amanda and Ash talking can be difficult.

marigirl said...

happy birthday in Virginia! It's your birthday here already :) yay!