Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jon versus the Sheets... the final showdown?

We decorated for Christmas a week before Thanksgiving, but it was a secret. Now that it's Christmastime, I can revel in the decorations publicly. So, above is my revelry. I found those ornament placecard-holders at Pier 1 Imports last year and waited until they were 75% off to snag them. They like living in my house and holding up Christmas story-inspired phrases.

A note about the title:

Jon has never gotten along well with sheets. Most of the time, I shamefully admit, we sleep without a top sheet, because they always (I'm not kidding - always) end up on the floor, in a bundle, on his side of the bed. I'm lucky if there's still duvet left by morning. His mobility-while-slumbering issues extend to all sheets. When I awake, the bottom corner of the fitted sheet on his side of the bed is usually un-fitted from around the mattress and is curled up around the mattress pad on top of the top sheet-less, duvet-less bed.
At Linens 'N Things the other day I purchased some sheet holders that claimed victory over restless sheets. I was doubtful, but for a dollar and change (thanks to the 60% off), I was willing to try.
As you can see for yourself, they seem to have been telling the truth. Only time (two more nights, perhaps) will tell if they can take the long-term attack, but I do believe my fitted sheets will live a longer, happier life where they belong. Which would be ON the mattress and UNDER the couple sleeping in the bed.Please forgive the mess. I couldn't very well make the bed and still prove the efficacy of the gadgets.

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The Terrys said...

Can I just say what a pleasure it is to read of another husband who cannot tolerate sheets and the poor, freezing wife who suffers because of it. I thought that it was just us. Yay for the Butterfields!