Friday, November 21, 2008

Sand Burs, Jet Fuel and a Piece of Cake

Today, VT-3, Jon's training squadron held a Taxi Day for the wives/mothers/little sister's of the students. They let us taxi (drive around) (but not fast enough to go airborne) the T-34's. Sarah Scott and I were taxi buddies, because we were practically the only ones without our husbands there to guide us through the whole process ("The Buckle has FIVE points? I push WHICH buttons? Is this a sand bur on my seat?").

The reasons for our forced independence were as follows: Mike (he belongs to Sarah) had a solo flight, which got canceled anyway and Jon (he belongs to me) was leaving for his cross country flights and had to brief and fly away during the event.

Here are pictures, with which I will explain some important things about Taxi Day.
First of all. We wore our husband's flight suits. This entirely explains the above picture. I originally intended on writing more, but I don't even want to comment. This is what I would look like in Munchkin Land, though. See? There I go commenting. I didn't mean to do that.

In light of the last picture, I thought I should add this one, so my adorable, flowery flats would show. I wore them on purpose, un-flight-like and impractical, though they may be, because I KNEW I would tromping around in Jon's flight suit all day and I wanted a touch of the feminine.

Let it be noted, lest any skeptical mind should think otherwise, I adore my husband's height and breadth and I appreciate his larger-than-me-ness VERY much. I find him irresistible. It is only inconvenient when I attempt to wear his flight suits, which are baggy, even on him. However, it is during times such as these, when I also appreciate my cute shoes.

This is me getting out of the plane, which I had just taxied. By myself. For AT LEAST several minutes of the 15 minute taxi. Please note the grin. I am thinking how cool I am.

Also worthy of mention, apparently my torso is longer than most, because my helmet got stuck on the canopy when I was trying to open it. And close it. My big head kept getting in the way and I'd fall forward or backward, depending on which way I was attempting to move the canopy.

Sarah displays her excitement through the only visible parts of her: her happy hands and grin.

I FOUND JON!!!!! He was on his way to his brief in the line shack, when I was, by God's super-duper plan, on my way to the wife-holding-area FROM the line shack. I was so excited to see him for the following reasons: 1) I just really like him and like seeing him any old time. 2) I was glad that the other flight suit-clad women would know that I HAD a husband and I was not an impostor. 3) I wanted a kiss. Which I got, once Jon made sure no one was looking. Isn't he handsome?

And that was taxi day. We also got hot dogs and Cheetos. And cake. Those were very nice, too, but not picture-worthy.

Thank you, Sarah for being my Taxi Buddy!

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