Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Socks are White and Purple

I've been thinking about this off and on for a couple weeks now (So I thought about it like 4 times, including right now. That's what "off and on" means for me. And just so you know, "The other day" refers to any time within the past 9 months.) . Here is a list of things I'll never get over or get used to:

1) True worship
2) Anything to do with soldiers/sailors/pilots going off to war
3) The cuteness of babies and puppies
4) The taste of a good cheesecake
5) Watching people I love mourn
6) Christmas music
7) The faces Jon makes to make me laugh
8) The stop-breathing-beauty of a Bach sonata or the banjo playing Amazing Grace
9) The safeness of being held by my husband
10) The lyrics to In Christ Alone
11) My Salvation

Given time, I may edit that list, but it looks pretty complete to me right now.

Now I want cheesecake...

1 comment:

Heather Nicole said...

well, I just bought some delicious cheesecake at the market basket...YUM! you might have to pick up a bite or two to get you through the weekend :)