Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good. Lord.

And I do mean, Good Lord.
The Good Lord has been working overtime since Nate was born. This chair is supposed to contain him with its seat belt, not enable him to bungee jump for dropped toys. I found him like this. I had left the room (but carefully buckled him in beforehand) to get my shoes and when I got back, he was upside-down and grunting, trying to pick up his toy.

Being the good mother I am, I took a couple pictures before righting him. I took these on my phone though, so pardon the graininess.

Once more, with both hands:

I might be in need of a nanny.


marigirl said...

your blog makes me laugh more than any other blog on the planet. That is the truth.

Megan said...

Bahahaha! Nathan! Me and baby (baby started moving around a lot when I read this) are laughing so hard at your little acrobat.

Jenn said...

This is quite humorous... I would have snapped a picture too haha..

Daniel and Sarah said...

I surprised he didn't bust the straps with his superbaby strength :)

Lizzy said...

too funny! thanks for posting this!