Monday, August 2, 2010

The Other Members of This Family

The main member participated in Mustache July at the squadron. He claims it was due to peer pressure, but we all know that he really just likes having a mustache because it looks funny.

Henry with the monstrous amount of hair we got off him last week.
Henry climbed up and cuddled with a gestating Nate while I skyped the Mother, the Father and Nana. He was probably communicating with the man child, plotting Nathan's escape and their coming misadventures together. Don't let the sleepy eyes fool you. He's plotting.

See? Plotting away like the sneaky yellow dog he is. Yellow dogs have very few morals.

I know you want another picture of Chester (the official name of the 'Stache), so here it is. Don't worry. He shaved it off after taking these this morning.


Sarah said...

Ugh. Bless you, Bek, for dealing with that furry catepillar on Jon's upper lip. (No offense, Jon...if Mike were not at SERE, I guarantee he would applaud you.) We think of you guys often...hope things are good!

Megan said...

whoa, that is a ton of hair. on your floor from henry AND on jon's face.

Holmans said...

As always I enjoy posts about puppies! This lab I am keeping looks so much like Henry and he acts like him too! (No complaints here! Too bad it really isn't Henry which would mean you are close by as well!!!)

I am glad to see that Henry is already bonding with Nate! Cute! I have no doubt they will be inseparable soon!