Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sour Gummy Worms

Today was the best Valentine's Day ever. The Husband woke me up with breakfast in bed, flowers, a bowl full of three of my favorite candies, the comics and a card that promised lemonade and cinnamon rolls in the fridge. Henry was also there, wagging his tail.
A new church visit, lunch at yogurtland (YUM!) and a Costco-membership later, we went home and watched the Olympics while Jon grilled filet mignon and potatoes. Perfect.

I also took a midterm that I didn't do so hot on, but I don't care anymore about these things, so it didn't ruin my day one bit.

I gave Jon a card with the following poem hastily scrawled on it. I hate to brag, but I really do own the best husband.

Houses of Dreams
Sara Teasdale

You took my empty dreams
and filled them every one
With tenderness and nobleness,
April and the sun

The old empty dreams
where my thoughts would throng
Are far too full of happiness
to even hold a song

Oh, the empty dreams were dim
and the empty dreams were wide
They were sweet and shadowy houses
where my thoughts could hide

But you took my dreams away
and you made them all come true
My thoughts have no place now to play
and nothing now to do.

Thank you, Jon, for the best and happiest two and a half years of my life!

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Megan said...

That IS a happy valentine's day. Will there be any cinnamon rolls left in the fridge on Thursday?